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Property Rights Alliance (PRA), and an affiliate of American’s for Tax Reform, stands as an advocacy organization dedicated to the protection of physical and intellectual property rights, both domestically and internationally.

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    • सितम्बर 2023
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      The 2022 IPRI classifies 129 countries, representing 93.91% of the world population and 97.73% of the global GDP. The selection of countries was determined solely by the availability of sufficient data. The results continue to suggest that countries with high scores on the IPRI and its components also show high levels of income and development, indicating the positive relationship between a property rights regime and quality of life. The average score of the IPRI for 2022 is  5.19, where the Legal and Political Environment (LP) was the weakest component with a score of 5.06, followed by the Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) component with a score of 5.24; and quite close, the Physical Property Rights (PPR) was the strongest component with a score of 5.27  For the fourth consecutive year, we found a decrease in the overall score of the IPRI and this year, also for all of its components. Finland leads the IPRI (8.17) as well as its PPR component (8.53), while New Zealand leads the LP (8.76) and the USA the IPR component (8.73). Singapore ranks 2nd in its IPRI score (7.97) followed by Switzerland (7.94) and New Zealand (7.93).