• President:Guillermo Lasso
  • Vice President:Alfredo Borrero
  • Capital city:Quito
  • Languages:Spanish (Castilian) 93% (official), Quechua 4.1%, other indigenous 0.7%, foreign 2.2% note: (Quechua and Shuar are official languages of intercultural relations; other indigenous languages are in official use by indigenous peoples in the areas they inhabit) (2010 est.)
  • Government
  • National statistics office
  • Population, persons:1,82,84,414 (2024)
  • Area, sq km:2,48,360
  • GDP per capita, US$:6,533 (2023)
  • GDP, billion current US$:118.8 (2023)
  • GINI index:45.5 (2022)
  • Ease of Doing Business rank:129
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