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Costa Rica - Receipts for travel items in current prices

3,72,40,00,000 (US dollars) में 2017

International tourism receipts for travel items are expenditures by international inbound visitors in the reporting economy. The goods and services are purchased by, or on behalf of, the traveler or provided, without a quid pro quo, for the traveler to use or give away. These receipts should include any other prepayment made for goods or services received in the destination country. They also may include receipts from same-day visitors, except in cases where these are so important as to justify a separate classification. Excluded is the international carriage of travelers, which is covered in passenger travel items. Data are in current U.S. dollars.

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Date Value Change, %
2017 3,72,40,00,000 2.08%
2016 3,64,80,00,000 11.70%
2015 3,26,60,00,000 9.01%
2014 2,99,60,00,000 2.32%
2013 2,92,80,00,000 15.78%
2012 2,52,90,00,000 4.37%
2011 2,42,30,00,000 7.88%
2010 2,24,60,00,000 10.64%
2009 2,03,00,00,000 -20.73%
2008 2,56,10,00,000 13.37%
2007 2,25,90,00,000 18.40%
2006 1,90,80,00,000

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