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Secretariat of Labor and Social Welfare, Mexico

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    • अक्तूबर 2018
      Source: Secretariat of Labor and Social Welfare, Mexico
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      Accessed On: 24 मार्च, 2019
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      Data Cited at: https://www.gob.mx/ Publication: http://www.stps.gob.mx/bp/secciones/conoce/areas_atencion/areas_atencion/web/menu_infsector.html Daily wage, workers associated with the formal sector (IMSS) by state, Frequency: Monthly. Unit: MXN. 2000-2016. For the topic "Minimum Salary" , The council of representatives of the CONASAMI resolved , from November 27, 2012 , to unify the geographical areas A and B with the same minimum wage ( $ 62.33 ) . Meanwhile , the geographical area C is marked B.