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National Institute of Statistics and Censuses, Panama

Law 10 (of January 22, 2009) modernizes the National Statistical System and creates the National Institute of Statistics and Census, as a dependency attached to the Office of the Comptroller General of the Republic, with national management level, which exercises the functions of directing and form the national statistics and corresponds to develop the necessary activities to comply with said Law. The objectives of this Law are the following: Establish the principles and norms that should govern statistical activity in the Panamanian public sector. Create the National Institute of Statistics and Census, the National Statistical System, the National Statistics Council, the Technical Advisory Committees and establish provisions on the National Statistical Plan, in order to integrate the activities corresponding to national statistics Establish the bases to coordinate the participation and collaboration that corresponds to public entities, to promote, when required, the collaboration of the private sector and civil society, in order to improve the functioning of the National Statistical System Promote the integration and development of the National Statistical System so that, in the terms of this Law, statistics that satisfy the right of citizens to public information are provided

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