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The Foundation for Value Creation (FVC) is committed to improving the state of value creation in nations and organizations. The Foundation develops and supports the Elite Quality Index (EQx). The foundation works with academics, policy makers, business leaders and citizens – from all generations and backgrounds – to develop ideas and derive actions that lead to higher levels of elite quality and governance. The foundation’s current flagship project, the Index of Elite Quality (EQx), aims to shape central debates on elite quality and help build valuable future prospects.

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    • मई 2021
      Source: Foundation for Value Creation
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      The 2021 Elite Quality Index (EQx2021) is a global ranking of countries built on the notion of ‘elite quality’. Elite quality is a macro-level feature of the political economy that measures the value creation aggregate of all elite business models. Elites are dominant coalitions with the strongest capacity for coordination in societies and operate the highest impact business models.  Rank 1-10 - Very High-Quality Elites Rank 11-25- High-Quality Elites Rank 26-75- Quality Elites Rank 76-124- Middle-Quality Elites Rank 125-151- Lagging Elites Data cited at: Foundation for Value Creation (FVC)-