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Department of Statistics, Singapore

The Singapore Department of Statistics (DOS) develops and maintains a national statistical system of quality, integrity, and expertise. As the National Statistical Authority, the Department provides reliable, relevant and timely statistics to support Singapore’s social and economic development. In addition to collecting, compiling and disseminating a wide range of official statistics, it also analyses and monitors economic and social trends, and develops and maintains national statistical databases.

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    • सितम्बर 2019
      Source: Department of Statistics, Singapore
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      Accessed On: 13 सितम्बर, 2019
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      Singapore External Debt Statistics, (End Of Period), Quarterly With the implementation of the recommendations of the 6th Edition of the Balance of Payments and International Investment Manual (BPM6), Singapore's gross external debt is now reported on a BPM6 format. The accompanying revision in the treatment of Asian Currency Units (ACUs) as resident units (which previously were treated as non?resident units) means that the coverage of Singapore's external assets and liabilities has been expanded to include those of the ACUs, resulting in increases in both Singapore's external assets and liabilities. While the expansion of coverage has resulted in higher gross external debt (or liabilities), it has resulted also in higher external assets. Singapore remains a net creditor, as the resulting increase in external assets is more than the increase in liabilities. More information may be found in the Occasional Paper on Implementation of IMF Balance of Payments and International Investment Position Manual, Sixth Edition in Singapore's Balance of Payments.
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