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India - Localized irrigation

578.20 (thousand ha) में 2004

Localized irrigation is a system where the water is distributed under low pressure through a piped network, in a pre-determined pattern, and applied water as a small discharge to each plant or adjacent to it. There are three main categories: drip irrigation (where drip emitters are used to apply water slowly to the soil surface), spray or micro-sprinkler irrigation (where water is sprayed to the soil near individual plants or trees) and bubbler irrigation (where a small stream is applied to flood small basins or the soil adjacent to individual trees). The following other terms are also sometimes used to refer to localized irrigation: micro-irrigation, trickle irrigation, daily flow irrigation, drop-irrigation, sip irrigation, diurnal irrigation.

Date Value Change, %
2004 578.20 0.00%
2001 578.20 714.37%
1993 71.00 0.45%
1991 70.68 6,968.00%
1985 1.00 4,900.00%
1981 0.02