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Bosnia and Herzegovina

  • High Representative:Valentin Inzko
  • Prime Minister:Denis Zvizdić
  • Capital city:Sarajevo
  • Languages:Bosnian (official) 52.9%, Serbian (official) 30.8%, Croatian (official) 14.6%, other 1.6%, no answer 0.2% (2013 est.)
  • Government
  • National statistics office
  • Population, persons:33,23,929 (2018)
  • Area, sq km:51,200
  • GDP per capita, US$:5,951 (2018)
  • GDP, billion current US$:19.8 (2018)
  • GINI index:No data
  • Ease of Doing Business rank:89

Labor Force

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    • दिसम्बर 2018
      Source: Statistics Finland
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      Accessed On: 17 दिसम्बर, 2018
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      Data cited at: Statistics Finland http://www.stat.fi/index_en.html Publication: 004 -- Population by main type of activity, nationality, occupational status, sex, age and year 2000-2017* http://pxnet2.stat.fi/PXWeb/pxweb/en/StatFin/StatFin__vrm__tyokay/statfin_tyokay_pxt_004.px License: http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/ The figures in the tables are final. Description of statistics Concepts and definitions Classifications .. = Data not available or too uncertain for presentation, or subject to secrecy. From 2005, the employment pension insurance includes those aged 18 to 68, while previously the obligation to take out pension insurance for employees already started from the age of 14. This is visible in the employment statistics from 2005 onwards as a fall in employment by young people and a rise in the number of students. Statistics cannot be compiled reliably on employment by under-age people on the basis of register data. Citizenships are specified in the table if the number of people in the citizenship group exceeds 99. © Tilastokeskus - Statistics Finland
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    • अगस्त 2019
      Source: Statistics Norway
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      Accessed On: 16 अगस्त, 2019
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      EU-countries in Eastern Europe are transferred from group 2 to group 1 from the time of membership in the EU. 2003 Q2: 115 Estonia, 124 Latvia, 131 Polen, 136 Litauen, 146 Slovenia, 152 Hungary, 157 Slovakia, 158 Czech Republic 2007 Q1: 113 Bulgaria, 133 Romania. EU-countries in Eastern-Europe are transferred from group2 to group 1 from the time of membership of the EU: 2004 k2: 115 Estonia, 124 Latvia, 131 Poland, 136 Lithuania, 146 Slovenia, 152 Hungary, 157 Slovakia, 158 Czech Republic. 2007 k1: 113 Bulgaria, 133 Romania. Countries transferred from group 2 to group 1 from the time of membership of the EU: 2004 k2: 126 Malta, 500 Cyprus. Asia includes Turkey and Cypus. Figures updated December 5, 2018. There is a break in the time series on registered unemployed among immigrants from Q4 2018, so the figures are not directly comparable with previous years. country background Serbia and Montenegro The name changed from Yugoslavia to Serbia and Montenegro 14 February 2003.

हमारी गोपनीयता कथन और कुकी नीति

"हमारी वेबसाइट आपके ऑनलाइन अनुभव को बेहतर बनाने के लिए कुकीज़ का उपयोग करती है। जब आपने यह वेबसाइट लॉन्च की, तो उन्हें आपके कंप्यूटर पर रखा गया था। आप अपने इंटरनेट ब्राउज़र सेटिंग्स के माध्यम से अपनी व्यक्तिगत कुकी सेटिंग्स बदल सकते हैं।"

गोपनीयता नीति