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World Meteorological Organization

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    • मार्च 2016
      Source: World Meteorological Organization
      Uploaded by: Knoema
      Accessed On: 02 मार्च, 2016
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      CLIMAT is a code for reporting monthly climatological data assembled at land‐based meteorological surface observation sites to data centers. CLIMAT‐coded messages contain information on several meteorological variables that are important to monitor characteristics, changes, and variability of climate. Usually these messages are sent and exchanged via the Global Telecommunication System (GTS) of the World Meteorological Organization (WMO). The world is divided by WMO in 9 regions and Mozambique is in region I and also hosts a CBS Lead Centre. Region 1 has 354 RBCN stations from 28 countries, where 82 stations are part of GCOS and which are overseen by Mozambique. The monitoring results for these stations are shown from January to December 2012, some countries sent all CLIMAT reports, other countries sent some, and there countries did not send even one CLIMAT report. We can see that a lot of countries concentrate more on GSN Stations, sending more data from only those stations. The more efficient countries, which send between 90 to 100% of CLIMAT reports, are: CANARY ISLANDS, ST.HELENA ISLANDS, MARTIN DE VIVIES (ILE AMSTERDAM), ILES CROZET AND ILES KERGUELEN. The countries that do not send any CLIMAT reports are: BURUNDI, BOTWANA, DJIBOUTI, ERITREA, LESOTHO, MALAWI, RWANDA, SOMALIA, UGANDA AND SWAZILAND. In Mozambique, we have had difficulties in sending CLIMAT reports for circulation via the GTS and we have used as an alternative the German Meteorological Service, DWD.
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