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Honduras National Institute of Statistics

The National Institute of Statistics, mission is as the institution of the Honduran government that has the mandate to coordinate the reliable and timely production of the various official statistical aggregates that the National Statistical System - SEN - must generate to serve as references to the different members of the society in charge of exercising the administration of the State and of the different resources available to the country for the achievement of the socio-economic welfare of the population. And its visions is by 2021 Honduras will have an organized, reliable and permanently updated SEN in its resources, based both on the leadership and professionalism of the INE and on the demonstrated ability to respond to the increasing demands of the different national statistical aggregates required by the members of society responsible for exercising State administration and decision makers of the company. General objectives: 1. Ensure the production, proper use and systematized dissemination of reliable and timely statistics necessary for the permanent knowledge of the national reality, planning of development and efficient management in the decision making of the public and private sector of the country; 2. Establishes the necessary regulations to integrate and rationalize official statistical activities, coordinating actions between producers and users of statistics and related activities, in order to optimize the use of resources; 3. Establish the programming for the activities of design, compilation, processing, analysis, dissemination and publication of the information of the official statistics of the country, obtained through census surveys, sample surveys and the use of administrative records; 4. Promote interest in statistical activities in all sectors of the population and their authorities, to create a statistical culture, in order to achieve active and permanent participation, collaboration by strengthening the National Statistical System (SEN), and 5. Promote training and research

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